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Allison Crowe
Rubenesque Records

Allison Crowe is an artist who's yet to disappoint me. She always delivers fabulous records and the delightful Spiral is no exception. She's in terrific voice throughout and delivers some well-chosen covers including a superlative "Chelsea Hotel 2" and a passionate "Why" by Annie Lennox. Her own songs fare equally well, "Double-edged Swords" is a fine example, Crowe's ever-flexible voice dancing across a restrained backing to great effect.

She really sets her won stamp on the aforementioned "Chelsea Hotel 2" even if she never knew Janis Joplin. "Oceans" is just beautiful, Crowe's sweet vocals coming to the fore to a melody full of soul. The title song yet again proves her talent, as Crowe sings her heart out. She's made yet another album to treasure. If you don't know her music, now's as good a time as any to discover it.

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