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Ed Harcourt
Piano Wolf Recordings / Playground

Ed Harcourt is one of those English singer/songwriter that always does pretty good, but not much more, musical craftsmanship. And he has done so since his debut, Here Be Monsters from 2001. So nothing less were expected of his now released fifth album: Lustre. But I didn't expect it to be such an astonishing treat.

Lustre opens with the bold title track that sets the standard for this shining album. Then there is the lush, stunningly beautiful "Haywired", the startling, howling "Heart of a Wolf", the sunny pop vibed "Do as I say not as I do", and the lovely Roy Orbison-like "When The Lost Don't Want To Be Found". All done with a serious joyful twist.

As on much of his previous work, Ed Harcourt is companied by the Langley Sisters. (One of them being his wife, Gita Harcourt-Smith). And the combination of their sensible choiring and Harcourt's deep and soulful voice gives Lustre the precious edge which makes it more than just an over-all good album. This, and of course the fact that there is an audible confident, dreamy maturity present in almost every track.

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