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Allison Moorer

Allison Moorer has made some magical music, regardless of if it's been called country, Americana or almost blue-eyed soul. Her new album is mostly Americana, but it's hard to draw any line between that and vaguely alternative country anyhow.

Her stellar voice and songs are intact as ever. "Abalone Sky" sees her softly singing of home and reach untold heights against an ethereal backdrop. "The Broken Girl" sounds upbeat, but has a dark centre in spite of it. Moorer's vocals are flawless as ever. "Still This Side of Gone" is a soft song of loss that easily reaches the listener. Moorer's earthy vocals are deeply affecting. The title track finishes the album on a good note, and is a sensitive mediation on life. "Miss Fortune" remains her finest hour, but this is a rewarding listen also.

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