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Whyte Zebra
Whyte Zebra

Whyte Zebra are fronted by Andy Stanhope on this debut album. They play a melodic yet edgy brand of rock and folk with memorable tunes.

"Double or Nothing" is a powerful song that sees Stanhope at his most eloquent and band mates Steve Quinn and Tom Whyte are firing on all cylinders. It's low-key but with great spirit and heart. "Home Is What You Make It" is bright and breezy, the trio evoking the sound of hope for a better day. "Pixelated" is pensive and has a pretty unique yet stripped-down sound. Whyte Zebra make an impact even if they hardly raise their voices.

"Sleep Well Tonight" ends the album on a bright note, the trio playing an optimistic tune with a strong beat. They are a very promising group and their debut is just fine.

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