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coverpic flag Canada - Full Moon 164 - 01/30/10

Chris Kirby
Vampire Hotel
Independent/Chris Kirby

Chris Kirby plays modern soulful music rather than the gothic implied by the title.

Kirby swings on opener "Day Job" as he recounts the tale of someone stuck in a job he wants to leave. Kirby's vocal has some Jamie Cullum easiness about it. "Don't Forget About Me" has been a single and it's catchy and appealing. Kirby's singing is energetic and cool and the band follows his lead well. "See You Again" is a cool track that belies a slight jazz influence, the soulful backing swings nicely. "Entertainer of the Year" has a soulful Dr. John swing to it; Kirby's an easy presence on his piano and the band play well as ever. He satirizes the demands on performers to always be one thing or another that the public wants. Not that Kirby need worry, he's a gifted and smart performer. It's a striking and appealing record.

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