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The Soul Movers
On The IN Side
Career Records/Cool Time Records

There's the combination of the band name and those first tones and beats of the record that kind of tell you where we're headed with On The IN Side. Without trying to, or having any need to, analyze the band's intentions, putting "Baby I Love You" as the second track sort of convinces me that they're out here to have fun. They're not trying to change the world.

And they make me want to have fun as well. If they're not exactly moving my soul that much, I can certainly enjoy this record from back to back. Opener "Stickin' Around" sets the tone in loose, interesting way. The most interesting thing is that the singer, Lizzie Mack, is at her absolutely best on her original tunes where it's obvious that she's letting lose a bit more. That takes us on to track 4, "Not With Her". A song that's rough enough around the edges vocally and sound a bit more playful. I really like "Dead" (not only for the title), for the groove, the sound, the horns and the attitude. "Few Good Reasons" gives Lizzie some room to sing. "Change" is a song that doesn't demand that vocal roughness but she finds her tender voice in a fine manner as well.

If you're looking for the signs of change in (white) soul music, this is not the place to start. But if you're looking for a record of both classics and new songs from a band that has a lot of fun and a singer that make you interested, give The Soul Movers a shot.

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