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Hidden Shoal Recordings

Boxharp is singer Wendy Allen (The Balustrade Ensemble) and producer Scott Solter (MountainGoats, Lazarus). "Rainbirds" is this American experimental ambient popduo's first single, taken from their forthcoming Loam Arcane EP.

The first thought that comes to mind listening to Rainbirds is the joys of winterand Christmas bells. The sound is sparkling pure, like dancing snowflakes on a beautiful cold and sun touched winter's day. Harmonically waving between Allen's pretty angelic voice, and the delightfully silvery ambient tones, evolving into a choir-likepeak, before the play-box take a perfect sudden closing which leaves, at least this listener, both wanting and content.

So, after listening to "Rainbirds", it is with some expectation that I await Boxharp's EP release.

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