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coverpic flag Germany - Full Moon 163 - 12/31/09

I Might Be Wrong
Circle the Yes
Sinnbus Records

I Might Be Wrong is fronted by the delicately voiced Lisa von Billerbeck on this delightful little album. "A Penny For Your Thoughts" sees her singing in a dulcet fashion while her band mates make a rhythmic backing for her to emote against. "A Propos" is equally dreamy but is more upbeat, while von Billerbeck sounds as lush as Cat Power in a good mood.

"Chekov" sees the group do a pensive song with a stunningly effective melody. The half spoken vocal has something of Sarah Cracknell's dry English reserve, but with a German accent. "It Takes Two To Tango" is strangely delivered, with buzzing computer noises, but it never forgets to have a decent tune. I Might Be Wrong are very clearly a brilliant band, and this is a great album.

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