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Rowland S. Howard
Oct 24, 1959 - Dec 30, 2009

In the early 80's I lost interest in music for a period, and even sold my record player. Then I discovered The Birthday Party, and it was like hearing punk music for the first time. I was revitalized by this motley crew who deconstructed rock music and pasted it together like nobody had done before. Rowland S. Howard's guitar was a major part of their sound, inspiring many with his uncompromising attitude and emotional but glass-cutting dissonant guitar playing. Since then it has been a pleasure to follow his output through the years, in bands like Crime and the City Solution and These Immortal Souls, and through various collaborations with artists like Lydia Lunch and Nikki Sudden. His new solo album Pop Crimes was released just weeks ago, another fine album and a solid final statement from a man who no longer could fight his liver cancer. Hail the six strings that drew blood - flame on!


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