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coverpic flag Australia - Full Moon 163 - 12/31/09

8 Ball Aitken
Rebel With A Cause
Phoenix Movement Music

The man who calls himself 8 Ball Aitken plays country with a side order of southern rock on this record.

Opener "Cyclone Country" has an easy swing that recalls Creedence Clearwater Revival and has some terrific guitar playing. "The Party" is an up-tempo celebratory song that rocks out to a great tune. "Outback Booty Call" has an amusing lyric and a rockin' beat that make sit memorable. It's as good-natured as the rest of these songs. "Yellow Moon" is a soulful excursion into swamp rock, that's well played and sung. 8 Ball Aitken has real talent and should finds many fans with this album.

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