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coverpic flag Australia - Full Moon 160 - 10/04/09

Leigh Slogett
Looking For The Clues

Leigh Slogett's new album was inspired by a common theme, that of the journey, be it inward or outward. He's a more than capable interpreter of weighty themes and songs here.

"Blue Jewel" is a fine example of his style, a careful hush of a song with excellent guitar playing and a sensitive lyric by his friend Peter Newell. "On the Climbing Road" is a typical folksy song that Sloggett plays and sings well. He has a dry desert tune that's very apt for the theme. "Crayfish Col" tells of a man gone on the trip of his life, and it's a quiet and contemplative tune, but with an underlying tension that works in its favor.

"Boomer and Sweet Honey" is a lengthy track that works well, a story of man hell-bent on destroying himself and his salvation. It's a fine example of what Sloggett does so well. Take the trip with him.

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