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My Majestic Star
Hidden Shoal Recordings

In November the Australian pop-shoe gazers in My Majestic Star will release their third album; I Haven't Got It In Me. And while we're waiting for their forthcoming album, they has a nice taster in the single "Crampling".

"Crampling" is a dreamy pop-drone piece. It is pleasant, obviously slow and almost surprisingly light for a My Majestic Star song. But this less disturbing approach becomes Chris Masons vocals distinctively better, than the more distressed and dark soundscapes on their previous work. He also has vocal-assistance from the bands cellist Miriam Braun, which also adds to the airy and lighter atmosphere.

But even if I'm emphasizing the lightness and dreamy sides of this single; it is not a happy tune. It is just that the introvert melancholy of My Majestic Star, is becoming slightly more coloured with hopefulness. And that is giving me somewhat higher hopes for the album to come; thinking that if the album is nothing more than as nice as "Crampling" it still will be a pretty nice album.

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