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Various Artists
Le Village Vert / Arcade

If I'm not a fervent admirer of compilations, I must admit that I've been pleasantly surprised by Panorama, released on January 16th on the Parisian label Le Village Vert. Pleasantly surprised by the slow and remarkable effective song which opens the album. Superflu - it is the name of the group - carries us along during more than 4 minutes with Les Cartons, a heady pop song which we can't get rid of. Most certainly the best song on this compilation. We continue with Czerkinsky (ex Mikado) and Princesse De Cire, with rhythms close to the trip-hop of Bristol. After the pleasant Tira Mi Su by Pierre Bondu (guitar player of Dominique A), pop close to Dominique A, we get to listen to the judicious samples of TéléPopMusik with Something About G.A (there is a sample of Vamos by The Pixies, from Surfer Rosa), followed by the charmer voice of the delightful Valé rie Leulliot and her group Autour de Lucie and the song Le Dernier Mot. Quite smooth.

After the two notes piano of Orly's Pour Un Mouvement, reminiscent of Diabologum, comes the electronic sound of the 80's with Matthieu Malon and his too short song On Baisse Les Bras. What a contrast to the acoustic sound of Mercedes Audras' Eu Sei Que Vou Te Amar (why do you sing in Spanish, Mercedes ?). To end, the longest track of the album (13'23 !): Indians by Parades, the only English song. Musically the most rich song, with a multitude of various sonorities. Now acoustic, now electric. A never-ending track, but we certainly don't complain about it. We simply regret that they didn't dare to sing in French...

In brief, it isn't an unnecessary record, which shows the diversity of the present French musical (indipendent) current, with two large-scale extremes (Superflu and Parades) accompanied by great tracks (Autour de Lucie, TéléPopMusik, Matthieu Malon). We aren't worried for French music in the future!

Le Village Vert was established in 1992 by F. Monvoisin and C. Conte (two journalists from the music magazine Les Inrockuptibles). This structure welcomes pop groups. Autour de Lucie is the main artist, a Parisian trio who has recorded two albums; L'é chappé e Belle (94) and Immobile (97). The first release on the label was From A Chocolate Box by the group William Pears, in 1993. Other names are: French artists as G. Czerkinsky, whose last album was released a few months ago, P. Bondu and Elliot, and foreign artists as M. Audras (born in Buenos Air, but living in France for a long time) whose eponymous first album was released at the end of 1996, and especially Michael Head (ex-Pale Fountains), creator of great melancholy pop with his first solo album The Magical World of Strand, recorded in 1997. Furthermore, M. Head has produced the song Island from L'é chappé e Belle by Autour de Lucie.

Full track-list:
1. Superflu: Les Cartons
2. Czerkinsky: Princesse De Cire
3. Pierre Bondu: Tira Mi Su
4. TéléPopMusik: Something About G.A
5. Autour de Lucie: Le Dernier Mot
6. Orly: Pour Un Mouvement
7. Matthieu Malon: On Baisse Les Bras
8. Mercedes Audras: Es Sei Que Vou Te Amar
9. Parades Indians

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