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Down Review
Anything Is Everything
Hidden Shoal Recordings

"Anything Is Everything" is the debut single by Down Review, a collaboration since 2007 between Canadian Medard Fischer (Arc Lab) and American Tim Arndt (Near The Parenthesis), both acclaimed electronic producers. It's been said the pair of them 'have never been in the same room nor even spoken'. This is an online-only duo. "Anything Is Everything" is a track taken from a forthcoming EP, From Here, For Anyone, and it's described by Hidden Shoal as: ...a post-midnight drive through a flaking neon city. Come urban darkness.

"Anything Is Everything" is a slow digital drizzle, a crisp'n'sparkling piece. Electronic drums, glowing synths and purring bass-lines glide slowly through the city lights, the city night. It's a drifting, sweeping loop-track, soothing and relieving, and a very pleasant piece of music. I guess their EP (released August 11th) must be worth checking out.

The pair met through the Toronto-based MMBP label, and their first collaboration was featured on Near the Parenthesis' album Of Soft Construction (N5MD, 2007, on the track "Sitting in a Room"). In addition to their debut EP, Down Review have submitted two tracks to the Lithuanian net-label Sutemos, as and a new track for their (Sutemos') upcoming compilation Intelligent Toys 6.

As always Hidden Shoal deliever goodies.

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