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Apricot Rail
Apricot Rail
Hidden Shoal Recordings

The Perth-based pop quintet Apricot Rail make their debut with an almost purely instrumental self-titled album, which, if it wasn't for the lightness, easily would be labelled post-rock. But charmingly enough Apricot Rail doesn't make it that easy.

The album opens with the titillating track "A Public Space" that moves between the most fragile bell-sounds and almost rampant guitar playing. All done in a jubilant way, that is pretty close to resemble the album as a whole. With it's delicate, and somewhat melancholic yet playful approach in the tunes. This especially notable on the sparkling "Trout Fishing In Australia" and "Rain Falls On Your Nose, It's Red From The Cold".

And as long as Apricot Rail stay instrumental they are a very amiable acquaintance. But sadly, they just had to try some singing, which doesn't work out as well. Like on "Car Crash", a plain bitter-sounding in-the-middle-of-the-road-song. But then again, one miss-step doesn't ruin the impression of an definitely pleasant debut.

Pleasant, being the word, even if listening to Apricot Rail in the end is a bit like driving the wheel at a fairpark, it's very nice but not really exhilarating.

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