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Kent Eastwood
Through the Days
Lately Records

Kent Eastwood plays layered, sad-eyed yet euphoric pop on this album. He has a good voice and a way with writing songs.

Opener "Differences" is cool and measured, a study in a poppy melodic sound in the higher school. Here he resembles the Posies at their bright best. "Someone Like You" is a strong song with a sense of delicacy as Eastwood sings of love. "Victims of Neglect" is a poignant song, Eastwood singing of those without a voice. The melody is bright despite the heavy sentiments voiced by the singer. It serves to elevate the song.

"Song for Cinderella" ends the album on a humorous note, being just that. The singer creates a deft fairytale metaphor in the song. It's a good album.

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