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Puppetbox claim they play 'post-geek synth rock'. I'd say they're a bit like the Rentals or the latter-day sons of They might be giants gone synth. The sound is bright and for the most part happy and upbeat.

"Wifey" sees singer John Payne really getting into a rockin' tune with gusto and the band follow suit. Is it just me or does it sound like Adam Ant at times? "Kill You Dead" bristles with menace but the spirit of fun is never far away. It's catchy and insightful and the band is great here. "Blue or Black" has guest vocals by Constance Brantley, who acquits herself well. Her and Payne's vocals sit together well with the quirky tune. "No Position" has a good retro eighties kinda vibe. It's like all the songs here, instantly likeable and kinda cute. It's a neat record this.

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