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Brother Joscephus and the Love Revival Revolution Orchestra
Righteous Enough Records

Brother Joscephus and his Love Revival Revolution Orchestra play a music that's deeply steeped in the New Orleans sound and myth. Once you hear it you won't be able to sit still. This is soulful and above all joyful music with a spiritual but not judgmental vibe.

"Bon Temps Roulez" is a fine Dr John-ish treatment of a very New Orleans sentiment. The lead vocal joyfully wraps itself around the catchy tune while the backing singers whoop and holler. "Can't Help Myself" is classic soul, if such a thing still exists. The Ray Charles influence certainly shows here, and beautifully so. The lyrics are classic soul too, of a woman leaving the singer a miserable wreck. "Bury me in New Orleans" is pretty self-explanatory, Brother Joscephus singing the praises of his beloved town. It's instantly engaging and yes, soulful.

The closing "Don't Give Up On Love" is hopeful and upbeat, the singer instilling a real sense of beauty. It's a very moving album that should reach many.

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