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Astronauts of Antiquity
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Astronauts of Antiquity claim they play 'urban-electro-organica' and who am I to argue with that. They are B Rhyan and India. Their eclectic soundworld comes to a good start on the head spinning pop rush of "Everywhere". India's dulcet vocals and the rhythm suit each other well. The funky "Supa Soul" blends Bond-theme atmospherics with a dynamite beat.

Indias vocals ooze sensuality in a languid way. "Beautiful Fate" is minimal and thrilling, with a clear focus on India's lovely singing. B Rhyan's guitar playing is mood and magnificent. "Miss Caroline" is dreamy and cinematic, a ballad worthy of Portishead. India's lead is fluid and emotional. The new album by Astronauts of Antiquity is just splendid.

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