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Sleeping Me
Legs Like Gravestone
Hidden Shoal

Sleeping Me is Clayton McEvoy, who hails from California's Inland Empire. Inland Empire was David Lynch's 2006 feature film, and, like all Lynch movies, there are surrealism, psychological threads twisting, eerie feelings - everything done with style. Sleeping Me is slightly like that, except not being all that surreal. This is shoegaze ambience, sneaking up on you.

"Legs Like Gravestone", quite a magnificent, nightmarish title, is minimalism to the max. A most elegant tune, and a bit reminiscent of some of the Constellation bands, say Godspeed You Black Emperor! - before take-off. This single song, lifted off the forthcoming debut album, Cradlesongs (due May 26th). The press sheet is quite accurate when dropping words like "...sublime melancholy..." and "...infused with a sad beauty...". The song spins slowly around its theme core, and it dwells along its path, or during its orbit. It might feel too slow, or taking too long not telling too much. Yet, it's quite a delicate song, making me excited for more. Check it out yourself, as the song is available for free download from Hidden Shoal site until the release of Cradlesongs.

Clayton McEvoy has collaborated on the new album by The Refractors (Dynamophone, 2009), as well as collaborating with Jorge Mantas under the name The Beautiful Schizophonic.

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