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coverpic flag France - Full Moon 155 - 05/09/09

The Other Colors
Lac Records

Laurent Chambert and Marie Möör have previously recorded albums as Rose et Noire, they've made a new album as the Other Colors. Their new work is complex and inpired but hardly easy listening.

"Aucune blessure" is dense and nightmarish, Möör's delicate vocals set against an industrial backing. "Nous roulons dans les fleurs" is seemingly lighter, more typically synth pop but with heavy distortion throughout. "Dans ma bulle noire" show off the duo's complex method well, a submerged vocal surges against the glitch and drift of the backing. The result is pretty impressive, but it makes for difficult listening. "La musique dans ma tete" stand out by being relatively simple, and unadorned as Möör intones her words. The Other Colors very oddly round off their album with a lengthy bonus track. They are not for everyone, but adventurous souls will find much to enjoy here.

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