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coverpic flag France - Full Moon 155 - 05/09/09

Clara Bellino
Embarcadero Love

Clara Bellino comes from a multi-cultural background and her new album reflects that. A cool Tom Waits cover, "Swordfishtrombone", shows her interpretative kills well. Her vocals are sweet, but still capture the lyrics well. "Goodnight Baby" is an original song that's poppy and seemingly carefree with a great melody.

"Peaceful Solution" is a bit loungey, but the words speak of a need for peace in a troubled world. Bellino carries it off well even if the theme is hardly novel. She handles Jackie DeShannon's "Come And Stay With Me" well too. Her cool vocals suit the song's longing tone well. She's the kind of a singer that can handle a variety of styles. This folksy gem is one example. Her album holds together well despite being so varied.

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