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coverpic flag US - California - Full Moon 154 - 04/09/09

J Walker and Gilli Moon
Divine 9 Productions

J Walker is a spoken word artist and teacher, Gilli Moon is a songwriter. Their collaboration uses hip-hop to try and reach kids with a positive message.

The self-explanatory "It's Cool To Be Smart" works the message in assisted by strong beats. "Beautiful" sees Moon singing of learning to be true to yourself despite the pressures of the outside world. Walker's rap adds a nice contrast to the vocal. "Why You Wanna Fight" gets the message of anti-violence across well. Walker has an impressive vocal flow and the beats are good. "Dan The Man" tells of a guy lost in drug abuse and missing out on life. Walker and Moon do a good job of getting to the point. It's a hard genre to tackle, but these two make it work. Their message couldn't be better which is cool also.

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