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From the psychedelic vaults
Hopkins & Bradley: s/t
H&B records

(Soon to be reissued on Void Records, titled
Hopkins Bradley: Nothing Hides Better Than Darkness)

Visions from the void, classic psych LP review

This classic folk psych album has flown under the radar for many years but no more. At last collectors are recognizing this 1973 album for what it is - a masterpiece! Imagine Lennon & Mccartney recording a private press "basement" type album, mix a little Stone Harbour, in and you have Hopkins & Bradley.

From the very first song, "Take a Second Chance", with its hopeless yet helpless plea to the forthcoming reissue title song "Nothing Hides Better Than Darkness", the LP is a look and listen into this young duo's souls. And we are much the better for listening. The songwriting is superb, lyrically brutally honest, yet also dreamy at times. Musically the playing is sparse and somewhat simple as you might imagine but it definitely fits the bill.

There are 13 songs in all, all originals. Fans of Earth Free, Stone Harbour, Michaelangelo all will find joy in this album. There is obviously a "private" sound to the recording but it is above many of the private press lps I have heard over the years.

coverpic Hopkins & Bradley was recorded in 1973 in a backyard pressing plant and just a few hundred LPs were released in plain white covers, a few of which were autographed. They are monstrously rare at this point and the much needed forthcoming reissue will be welcome in the market. After many years of listening to and selling private press psych, garage, and folk LPs, it is not that easy to get this listener excited but Hopkins Bradley is the real deal. The reissue will have a glossy color cover and contain lyrics as well.

A Five Star Gem.

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