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Clay Allison
Ten To One
Wild Dog Music

Sometimes you hear songs that so desperatly tries to be something they in the end just isn't. One of those times is for me listening to the Swedish indie-pop band Clay Allisons new singel; "Ten to One." This is their first singel from their upcoming second album; Tonight there will be no TV. And I really do hope that the album has more to offer than this.

At first eardrop you might get fooled by the easyness, the pleasant country-like guitar and the could-have-been catchy chorus. And "Ten to One" is by all means nice. The duet with Carolina Carlbom (The Pusjkins) is not bad. Her voice is defintiely pleasent to the ears. The song simply tries too hard to say something profound, and probably is meant to be a beautiful little piece of music. But alas - and I really try to be sympathetic here - all I can hear is the lack of edge, the lack of a soul or at least something real beneath that nice surface. It all ends up to be so pretentciously grown-up boring.

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