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coverpic flag Ireland - Full Moon 149 - 11/13/08

Joan Coffey
Struggles & Lulls

Joan Coffey has a rich, smoky voice that she puts to good use on her second album. Opener "A Little Deeper" has an apt title, as it looks beyond the surface and features some amazing vocals. "Don't Tell Me" is a song which features an honest lyric about a troubled relationship, Coffey's singing is at its best. Thea Gilmore lends some ace vocal support. "King of the Drink" is a self-explanatory ode to a man down on his luck. It's told with an expert attention to detail and with a memorable tune.

"Happy Ending" is a soft tune that features a lyric that defies the title. Coffey's yearning vocals captures the words well. She's not stuck in a black mood; her songs have too much hope to be only sad. They are filled with life in all its glory and shifting fortunes. This is a fine album.

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