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Decivilize After Consumption

It's always exciting to receive discs from the elegant and eclectic Nexsound label. Striking design and cover art, neat digipaks, and with a content always stretching out to be - if not always succeeding they're at least doing quite well trying - innovative and forward stuff.

Bluermutt popped up out of our P.O. box and a joyful spectacle it is. Decivilize after consumption is an explosive and playful collection of songs. Bubbling, bursting hypnobeats, fine samples of voices & sounds and cool cut'n'paste techniques, colourful collages with humour and wit: Bluermutt describes his (their) music as "scrambled humans singing and dancing". He also says about himself: " 25 but looks like 13, maybe 15 with beard." And: "...doesn't make art, just assembles sounds together till he's satisfied." A laugh and serious business.

Bluermutt (I don't know his name, he's also one half of Mickey Eats Plastic) lives in Barcelona, Spain, and seems to be a European traveller. In fact the whole Bluermutt project looks like a worldwide project including: Lucz (Roma, Italy - the other half of Mickey Eats Plastic), Fredo Viola (New York, NY), Steph Thirion (Barcelona, Spain), Dorian Concept (Vienna, Austria) and Nils Christian Fossdal (Norway). Some of Bluermutt's listed sources of inspiration are: Matmos, Neptunes, Busta Rhymes, Fugees, Justine Timberlake, Radiohead, Karate, Basement Jaxx, Timbaland, Mouse on Mars, Mos def. Quite a mix, with some being more obvious than others. Bluermutt had success with his first record, When I'm Not. I'd better check it out. Until then I'll have plenty of entertaining moments with Decivilize after consumption. It somehow makes me think of a wilder Cornelius, and also the French surprise a couple of years back in time, Cagesan.

Finally, just to underline the humour included yet again, Bluermutt's got some cool and fascinating song titles - often a story on their own: "Welcome to a Bluer Blue Sky", "Old School Lesbians vs. the 21st Century", "Fuckin' Jimmy from here", "Metallic Concepts for D and M", "The Diapason's Uncertainties". Get it? This is 'city music': it should be coming out of your headset while going by bus, by tram or the tube. Dig in and dig!

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