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Nobody Else
Pop Le Disque

Bruise consists of Isobel Morris and Jim Kimberley and this is their second album. Musically they are hard to pinpoint, but full of inventive energy.

"Island Paradise" is a soft moment, Morris' sublime vocals taking charge. The lyrics concern a peaceful existence. "Mr Rat" is an edgy song of a suburban predator; Morris' vocals compete with an almighty guitar squall for attention. It resembles an English version of the Breeders' tune filled grunge.

"Strange Girl" speaks of a girl who "Thinks she herself a jazz genius/she's a show stopping beauty" but who's following a path to oblivion. Amy Winehouse? Morris sings with a mix of scorn and pity to a soft backing. They cover Yazoo's "Only You" very nicely, Morris' vocal all yearning and sweetness. It's a multi-faceted and very likeable record.

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