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Circus Devils
Happy Jack Rock Records

Circus Devil's 6th album, Ataxia, is not something for fragile souls. It is a gentle reminder of that sounds can give you a very unpleasant feeling. Ataxia provides creepy images, disturbing sci-fi soundscapes. A darkness I'm not sure I want to visit. This is the kind of music that makes me afraid of walking the woods alone at night.

But still I keep listening. To the noise, the manic punk guitar, the stoner grooves, the almost grunge like calmness on "He Had All Day". The repetitive rhythm of "I Razor", "Star, Stripes and Crack Pipes" and "Get me Extra!". Which, if you strip away all the noise, actually are pretty good rock songs. But then again, you can't strip away the noise that is the core of everything on this record.

And I find that just being scared for a little while can be fine. But just for a little while...

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