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coverpic flag Sweden - Full Moon 148 - 10/14/08

Jonna Enckell
Siren On
Silver Tree Records

Jonna Enckell releases her debut solo album and finds herself in a crowded field of singers that include Frida Hyvönen, Anna Ternheim and internationally too many to mention. She'd doubtless see herself as unique and with good reason. One is that her day job is singing in a metal band, that's a background most others lack. The other reason is that she's good enough to stand out in any field. She has a sense of drama that might put some off, but to me it's refreshing.

Opener "Purple Heart" sees her playing her piano with gusto and odd flourishes of theatrical delivery that work well. "Quest" sees her play delicately and with great spirit. The tune is soft and appealing. "Violent Poetry" could belong on an early Tori Amos album and has a subtle use of strings to its advantage. The album ends with "The Orchid", a tuneful and sweet song that brings out the best in the artist. Jonna Enckell's album should have no trouble establishing her as name to be reckoned with.

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