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coverpic flag France - Full Moon 147 - 09/15/08

Elliott Murphy
Notes From The Underground

I'm not awestruck by much but the new album by Elliott Murphy leaves me somewhat at a loss for words. He's had a long career and he's still not as well known, as he should be. This album shows that his muse has not abandoned him.

Opener "And General Robert E Lee" piles on the sense of wonder with slow-burning chords and namechecking of legends. "Ophelia" is a touching tribute to a troubled character, much like Murphy's earlier classic "Anastasia" was. His way with words has remained intact through the years. The sprightly "What's That" follows and shows Murphy in a good mood. He later pays homage to Scandinavian skies, encounters Frankenstein's daughter and crying creatures of the universe. Murphy is a songwriter who's always had his own voice and here it's in fine form. He deserves hits and every award known to man, but probably wont get them. The least he deserves is a bigger audience, so why not give him a listen.

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