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coverpic flag Germany - Full Moon 147 - 09/15/08

Perlen von die Saue
Konstatin Records

Schneewittchen (Snowdrop in English) is Marianne Iser and Thomas Duda, a German darkwave duo. Their music has both its soft and abrasive moments and both are as interesting.

"Ich war in Gold" is a powerful electro tune with Iser doing her opera diva best to dominate the song. She's succeeding effortlessly too. "Gemeinsam untergehn" is shamelessly theatrical, Iser's rich voice going into Nina Hagen-ish manners as the guitar reaches new heights. "Rosengarten" is seemingly tranquil, but soon shattered by dramatic chords and a sense of dread. The song is an effective intro into the duo's strange world. The title song opens half-spoken and grows into an original sort of up-tempo song. This is a strange, but compelling and lovely album.

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