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Various Artists
Parx-e: A Compilation Of Independent Music
Clear Springs Entertainment

Parx-e: A compilation of independent music is sort of a 'mixtape', a collection of songs compiled and put together by one Chris Parke, hence the title. The bands/artists are not all Aussies, just because this compilation has its origin from down under. Many of the included songs hail from Australia and New Zealand, but the majority are of US origin. Plus a Scottish one.

Most songs are previously released, there's only a handful that aren't, so it seems this is sort of a personal compilation of Mr. Parke's. And for what reason? Anyway, this is a collection mainly of jangly-catchy bands and some singer/songwriters, plus a rather awkward twist of genre in the latter half of songs, making this sort of a schizophrenic compilation.

It all starts with Death Cab For Cutie label mates (Barsuk) The Long Winters' "Pushover", which is one of the better tracks here. Other songs I've marked out are Scotsmen Stapleton and their fine, quiet "Ships of the North Atlantic", The Wellingtons (AUS) with a bouncy, catchy "She Gave Up", Pine (NZ) with their exciting "Hosanna", and the ambitious, but quite intense steam-puff-rocker "Introduction" by The Beautiful Burn (NZ).

Well... 20 songs, over 70 minutes of music, is way too much. And: I find the play list quite confusing, when a handful of 'heavier' rock kicks in from song 13 on. Cut down to the half of its length this could've been a nice compilation.

[We've decided to file this review under Australia because of the label's HQ, even though the artists, as mentioned, hail from Australia, New Zealand, USA, Scotland - editor's note.]

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