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Name our Numbers, Numbers
Hidden Shoal Recordings

Iretsu's debut album was a great mind-blower, a blasting little collection of playful art-pop gems. New wave of and for the 2000s.

"Name our Numbers, Numbers" is a new song put out all alone as a single (but a fuller EP of the same name as this song is to come). Yet again Iretsu prove they're splendid, magic pop-heads. "Name..." is a frantic, energetic, happy-go-lucky sort of feel-food pop song, and it makes me assure myself to yet again put on their album. This is perfect music for dancing when the sun is shining, or when the rain starts pouring, or if there's a cold wind breezing up. Delicious stuff.

Again, Arcade Fire, move over and let Iretsu through!

Check Hidden Shoal for a free download. The Name our Numbers, Numbers EP will be released on the 8th of July 2008.

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