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coverpic flag France - Full Moon 143 - 05/20/08

Liz Cherhal
L'homme chrysantheme

Liz Cherhal is the sister of Jeanne Cherhal who's made a name for herself in France. Liz Cherhal's debut minialbum is an acoustic, very French-sounding charmer with accordions aplenty.

"Marcus" is a lovely-sounding song with a rapid-fire vocal delivery by Cherhal as her accordion makes a pleasing sound. "Mystere" is a song with Cherhal sounding even more like a singer that has a bright future ahead. With small means she creates a distinctive sound. "Mes bretelles et mes hublots" closes the album in high spirit, with dark words colliding with a bright, up-tempo song. Liz Cherhal is here to stay and I hope she finds a large audience.

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