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coverpic flag Germany - Full Moon 143 - 05/20/08

Various Artists
Music for Contemporary Living
Tantajo Records

This is a various artist's compilation of chillout music and as such it works very well. Sono Nove contributes the track "Sea Virgin" with vocals by Lalu it's as chilled as they come. It evokes images of a calm sea and the French singing fits it. White Cubes are joined by Freud singer Maria Sanchez for the languid "Minhas Ondas". It's got a definite Latin feel to it and Sanchez sings beautifully.

"Metro Abessess" by Rue des Trois Freres has an air of lazy summer days over its soft beats. Terra del Sol contribute the atmopsheric "Moon Over Lhasa and then there's a remix of Freud's Garden of Love to boot. This is an entertaining and often lovely record that should reduce anyone's stress in no time.

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