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coverpic flag flag Ukraine / Sweden - Full Moon 138 - 12/24/07

Saralunden & Andrey Kiritchencko
There was no end

Sara Lunden and Andrey Kiritchenko toured togehter in the Ukraine and made this remarkable little album. The results are electronica bent into beguiling and illustrious shapes.

"Oh so Blue" sees the pitter-patter of Kiritchenko's sounds meeting Lunden's vocals and synths. "Don't you remember" is a tranquil walk through morning dreams. Lunden guides us through it ever so gently even while the song starts to squeak eerily. "Erotic Dreams" sees the pair carefully build a rousing but also perplexing mood. Lunden's vocals discreetly hide amid the instrumentation, revealing less than one might assume by the title. But that's intriguing.

This album is over in way to short a time. Its essence lingers long.

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