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coverpic flag France - Full Moon 138 - 12/24/07


Yelle records bright and shiny electro-pop on her debut album. "Ce Jeu" bonuces along nicely, highlighting her cutesy yet forceful vocals. "A Cause des garcons" has all the attitude of an old electroclash track and is twice as good. Yelle even raps without sounding silly. "Tristesse/Joie" is sort of retro synth, brightly colored and poppy.

Yelle might be a young girl, but she has a determination that comes across in her songs. She sounds happy making music her own way. "Je veux te voir" is perhaps the most obvious candidate for crossover success, a ridiculously catchy and sweet song. But Yelle delivers on most fronts on this album, it's a solid pop listen.

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