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coverpic flag Australia - Full Moon 137 - 11/24/07

Kaye Tuckerman

Kaye Tuckerman is a true diva and lives up to her albums title easily. She interprets others songs and breathes new life into them. She handles Brel and Kurt Weill as easy as she can cover Sting and Sheila Chandra. She does Tori Amos' risqué "Icicle" and gives it a stellar reading. Brel's difficult "My Death" gets a stunning version where her voice really rises to the challenge the song presents.

"Little Water song" written for Ute Lemper by Nick Cave sees a murder victim address her killer from her watery grave. Tukerman really inhabits this morbid tale. She does a spirited "Pirate Jenny" later.

Tukerman has made an album as captivating as its title.

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