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Yesterday EP
Hidden Shoal Recordings

Cheekbone is Kouichi Moriuchi with his laptop and synthesizers. Yesterday is Cheekbone's debut EP, looping around the ambient spheres of instrumental minimalism.

Moriuchi is inspired by the 1970s synthesized and psychedelic German rock, like Neu, Cluster and Tangerine Dream. Brian Eno for sure must be another favourite of his. When it comes to contemporary artists Cheekbone could be filed together with Plaid and Boards of Canada tom name a couple. Yesterday is a short half hour of musical ambience. The seven tracks are a floating, drifting experience, making you just lay back, close your eyes to meditate and contemplate. Highlights: "Reef", "Far" and - maybe the best one - the title track.

Music for early Sunday mornings? Could be. It sure sweeps your mind. Clearing off many a yesterday.

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