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coverpic flag France - Full Moon 135 - 09/26/07

Marijane Miracle
La Vie Est Dure!

Marijane Miracle offer an electro-clashy sound with smooth vocals and abrasive melodies. Marie-Anne delivers the slightly Miss Kittin-esque vocals and is the star. "Fille de Personne" has a cool, minimalistic melody and a confident lead vocal. The title song chirps along merrily despite its theme. Marie-Anne giggles to a catchy backing. It sounds like a hit. "La France brûle!" is cool and persuasively poppy. Marie-Anne coquettishly delivers her weird singing. "Je vais bien" slower but not exactly softer it still has energy to spare. La Vie Est Dure! is at times hysterically fun and mostly just good pop music.

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