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Perry Keyes
Last Ghost Train Home
Laughing Outlaw Records

Keyes' debut album Meter (2005) struck me immediately with both relief and disappointment. Relief in the sense that it's (still) a double-album worth every note and every word on it. Disappointment in the sense that it struck me just as hard how such a great songwriter can actually keep on working around Sydney and still be unknown to the audience that should take to him in the rest of the world. Well, his second coming might just be his proposal to the crowds.

11 songs are 7 less than on his debut, but none the less well worth its Aussie dollar. Lovers of a good story, fearless of a confession, has got a lot to go with here. Starting off with "The Day John Sattler Broke His Jaw" - about a legendary rugby-player - and rolling easily into "Kids Day" sets an example of the album's diversity. Keeping on with "Double On The Main Game" (Luna Kafé appreciates every mention of Luna in any song) and the rocker "Sideshow Alley" already makes you look forward to hearing the songs again.

I could go on mentioning every song, but my absolute favourite Keyes-song has now revealed itself as "In Ancient Rome". A solid piece of work that will return to me, anytime. Never having been, unfortunately, to Sydney, I am taking rides around town on this one. Great songs, great band (we already know the fabulous talent of Bek-Jean Stewart) and great stories that'll last for a long time.

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