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Low Water
Who Said That Life Is Over
Low Water

Knowing nothing about Low Water I frowned a bit upon taking a look at the cover of Who Said.... Sleazy as a 80's heavy rock outfit and a tad too tacky for my prejudices. But, of course, being open-minded by conviction, I've let it roll around in my player a few times.

There are parts Replacements, parts Eels, parts XTC in here. But not a part as good as any of the above. Sometimes it's as if they are trying too hard, other times as if they're not paying enough attention to the music. Being a self-produced record it makes me think that they should have called for assistance. The arrangements don't quite fill out the songs themselves and nothing much really stands out. Although Leitera's lyrical twists can put on smile on me; "Trading daydreams with a pen pal who never writes back".

And a song as good as "The Man Who Takes You Away" should make them consider going into country...

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