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Loop Guru
Elderberry Shiftglass

Loop Guru are back with a new rather fine record. The band has been going since the nineties, putting out a steady stream of unclassifiable records. Their new offering is said to be psychedelic and the members provide us with a list of their favourite tracks of such music, ranging from Beatles to H.P Lovecraft (the band not the writer).

Their twenty-track opus is high on atmosphere and as chilled out as it's humanely possible to get. It's still as tripped out as only Transglobal Underground ever attempted to get besides the Guru themselves. They use odd vocal samples and, um, cricket bats say the liner notes. They make up suitably odd song titles like "Pineapple Puppets on a Sandy Shore", "Soft Fruit Sunday" and "Magical Melody Melon Minds", just because they can. I like you guys.

Never stop making your lovely, weird music.

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