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An Pierle and White Velvet
An Pierle and White Velvet

An Pierle and her partner Koen Gisen have just made their third album together. The previous two were billed just to Pierle and were intriguingly odd takes on modern alternative music. The new opus is perhaps Pierle's strongest effort and sets her unique voice to some stunning melodies.

Opener "Jupiter" has a touch of Tori Amos to it, but Pierle is her own woman. She histles nicely for the outro. "Good year" starts with a fairground sound and then gets richer and stranger. Her singing is restrained but still passionate. "Not the End" is one of the strongest songs on an album without weak points. It rocks out a little and Pierle takes center stage impressively. "Poor Danny" sees her get to the heart of a dramatic tale of misplaced love.

This is defiantly one of the best things I've heard in a while and it deserves to be heard widely.

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