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Korby Lenker
King of Hearts
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King of Hearts is Lenkers seventh album-release in five years. Unfortunately I have yet not gotten my hands on the other six, but as I have warmed greatly to this one I'd love find out what his bluegrass past has to offer. Not much bluegrass about this record, but a fine blend of everything in a rich pot, which again gives the album its personality. Lenker's got a controlled voice and tunes to fit it. Obviously he's been playing around town a lot, he's got it in him all the way.

Tracks such as "If it is" don't get to me easily, with its more jazzy edges and slicker mood. But with songs such as the opener, "Bored", in mind I can easily forgive him. He even squeezes out some memorable lines while he's at it: "Jerry Fallwell drinking like a Kennedy, but honey you been put to sleep, got your Lord Of The Rings on the DVD".

Here's a craftsman, and a stayer at it, I'm sure. I'm gonna be around when he makes his next move, and I'm certain I will go back to King of Hearts many times until then.

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