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Vacationist League
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Vacationist League

Vacationist League is John Tilson and Brandon Beavers. They play original lyric-driven compositions with instrumentation that don't necessarily go together well. And I suspect there must be some close mental (musical) relationship to Jonathan Richman in there. They've got the swing and the cello, but maybe not always the songs to carry them. At times too arty for my cup of tea but then at times pop enough for a brief shake of the hips. I sometimes like it but don't love it. They can annoy me but also enjoy.

How they must love their funny little word-plays, such as "gonna buy a red bandana, going to Montana" and titles like "Oregon Origami". Puts a smile on you but maybe not the honest good laugh. That might be the core of the problem, they obviously have a good time together but don't always invite the listener in on what it is. Cello-funk (as in Brother-In-Law) don't exactly make me a better person but tunes like "My Last Meal" carries a good story and they sometimes make me remember why I love Loudon Wainwright. But I don't think that's good enough for me to recommend the record even to Wainwright-fans.

Unfortunately, they're neither this nor that - or even original enough to get a good grip on me. I don't think I have short attention span or anything but I can't go with them all the way on this one.

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