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The Phantom of Family Halo
The Legend of Black Six

This band project and album sounds like being of a mysterious and dark nature. Scary stuff, or a spaced out flip-trip? For sure a psychedelic and cosmic chill. Julian Cope is a big fan, so they're cosmic for sure.

The Phantom of Family Halo is a Kentucky collective with ex-members from the brilliant The For Carnation and Starkiller, playing (mainly) 1970s style rock, with lots of twists and turns. "The Legend of Black Six" takes up most of side 1, almost as the theme for the band. The songs are not stand out catchy or something like that, but they're rather sneaking up from behind. These recordings dive out of their gloomy basement, and stagger the back alleys of their hometown, leaking slowly out to the world wide outside. The sound of the songs has got a spellbinding grip, and they get more and more in place for each spinning. It's more like phantom pleasure than phantom pain.

I guess The Phantom of Family Halo won't grab world domination immediately after this, but they've for sure put out a friendly legend.

BTW: the CD version is due early 2007 on Cold Sweat Records.

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