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Rykarda Parasol
Our Hearts First Meet
Three Ring Records

A few years ago I reviewed Rykarda Parasol's debut EP and predicted her album could be a classic. Here it is then. It expands on the EP and the sound is magnificent. Parasol has the delivery of a classic femme fatale and the musicians support her well.

"Hannah Leah" is like a lost PJ Harvey song, all bluesy mood and haunted atmospherics. "Lullaby for Blacktail" is sweetly despondent, echoing of lonely roads and strange meetings. Parasol sounds like a female Nick Cave here. "Candy Gold" is a little more upbeat but not necessarily happy. It's nonetheless catchy and pretty. "How Does a Woman Fall?" is plaintively sung and played like a modern torch song.

My question is answered. Parasol's album is a classic of its kind with only quality tracks on offer.

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