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coverpic flag Sweden - Full Moon 126 - 01/03/07

Sofia Talvik
Street of Dreams
Makaki Music

Sofia Talvik follows her acclaimed debut with an equally accomplished sophomore effort. Her sound is soft and layered and has some things in common with Heather Nova and Sophie Zelmani. Vocally she's sweet but has a hidden strength.

"It's Just Love" sees ex-Suede guitarist Bernard Butler guesting on vocals. His voice suits Talvik's just fine and they sing of not giving in and trusting love. It's a majestic song with sweeping strings and a redemptive mood. "Running Out of You" is like Sophie Zelmani's lovely and understated songs. It doesn't speak loudly but the message gets across anyway. "Holding Your Hand" is a nice song that sounds familiar in the way that good songs can do. The sound is a lot like that of Talvik's debut Blue Moon. "Will You Call Me When You're Sober?" is despite the title a pretty tune about longing for that special someone. Talvik's delivery is on key and the backing's understated. Her new album is a very nice listen.

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